See what some of my clients have to say

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“I loved the idea of regular exercise but always found a great excuse not to go to the gym (headache, busy...). I needed Sam.

She took my (now) husband and me to the park and we worked out together, since we both wanted to look our best for our wedding. Thanks to Sam, I lost 10kg for my wedding, going from a big size 12 to a small size 8.

I really don't like exercising but somehow Sam made the training fun, and I always felt better for it!.”

Maria, New Malden
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“Sam combines great training techniques with a positive personality that makes it easier and more enjoyable to stay on track and get great results. She is utterly fabulous!

If she has a slot available I suggest that you grab it quickly and see for yourself.”

Debbie Blott, Putney
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“My wife and I engaged Sam about 6 months before our wedding as we wished to both lose a bit of weight as well as get healthy.

Sam was fantastic and balanced her classes perfectly. She set the classes to push us beyond our limits but not so much it put us off doing further exercise. She was fun to work with, and we really enjoyed the classes even when it involved an early weekend start.

I can’t recommend Sam highly enough and wouldn’t hesitate to use her again in the future.”

Adrian, New Malden